Reading after school program at SD Tumbuh 3

Reading after school program is held regularly once a month.The Librarians provide new books that deliberately styled as attractive as possible. In order to create an exciting atmosphere, librarian conduct these activities in the garden in front of the library. The new book is kept as a book promotion. After read usually children will get an appreciation sticker. Besides being a book promotion event, this activity is expected to foster children interest in reading with the fun atmosphere. But there was something different in Reading after school this time, after the children are satisfied with reading, the librarian encourage children to do science experiment. There are two science experiments that will be held, the bottle blowing balloons experiment and exploding balloons experiment. Children observe the experiments and then the librarian give children task to find out about the experiment. Children can search information about the experiments from the books in the library or in the internet. Later on, children and the librarian will discuss what they have find about the experiments.