Children of Middle grade SD Tumbuh 3 visited Little Garden

On 30th August 2017, children of Middle grade SD Tumbuh 3 visited Little Garden, a small restaurant for vegetarians. The visit was aimed to enrich children’s knowledge about vegetable nutritions and ways to cook and serve the vegetables. Besides, through this activity, children had a chance to be more familiar to the taste of vegetables.
In the first session, children had an explanation about vegetables. The owner, Mrs. Dewi, began the session with the introduction to kinds of vegetables, nutritions, the tastes and how to serve them. While, the second session was food serving. Children were directed to make salad with creamy pumpkin sauce and vegetable satay. For the drink, children were introduced to lemon water which was mixed with basil leaves and several ingredients, therefore, it tasted unique, fresh and nutritious.
So, do we want to be healthier?
Then, let’s make friend with our nutritious friends, vegetables.