Tumbuh High School held “Outing Class Activity” at Gembira Loka Zoo

On Wednesday, September 6th 2017, Tumbuh High School held “Outing Class Activity” which joined by students in grade 7 (Class VII A and VII B) at Gembira Loka Zoo. The outing program is an integrated of Inter Disciplinary Unit of some subjects including Science, Math, Civics, English, Javanese Language, and ICT. In this program, students are involved to observe the varieties of creatures, especially animals. Students also learn about the classifications of animals based on their family (Mammals, Aves/Bird, Reptile, Pisces, and Amphibian).On the other hand, during this activity, students will be able to understand the characteristics of animals that they met in the Zoo. (Words and photos by : Bu Magdalena Emmy & Bu Adel)