The Commemoration of Kesaktian Pancasila

The Commemoration of Kesaktian Pancasila
(Tumbuh Primary School)

We live in the middle of diversity. We learn and play together as friends. We have our own colors and that’s alright. The more colors we have, the more beautiful our life will be.
On October 19th, 2017, within the theme of Perbedaan Menjadi Indah dalam Persahabatan, Tumbuh Primary School children commemorated Kesaktian Pancasila. Through the diversity, we learned and played together as teams.
In the first session, we had school assembly with Mr. Claudius, as the representative of FPKUB (Forum Pemuda Kerukunan Umat Beragama), who gave speech about the diversity of Indonesia.
In the second session, we had fun and motivating wide game activity.
At last, in the third session, we had reflection and we shared our victory by sharing fruits among friends.