Postcard Workshop Exhibition JALIN-SAHABAT # 3

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Postcard Workshop Exhibition

Presented by :
Anang Saptoto
SD Tumbuh 3
PT Pos Indonesia

Workshop fascilitator:
Ultramen, Viki Restina Bela, Niniek Febriany, Gilang Nuari

Opening exhibition:
📆 Sunday, December 17, 2017
⏰ 10.00 WIB

Esqi & Yuki (Tamtamtada)

December 17, 2017 – January 17, 2018

During the exhibition, PT. Pos Indonesia will provide Prisma stamp making service. Their officer will help to arrange or take a picture in the exhibition rooms for the illustration of the stamps that will be printed on postage paper.

For anyone who wants to create their own postcards, there are also papers and drawing tools provided in the exhibition room. We also set up a mailbox for anyone who wants to send postcards.

Introduction for the exhibitions:

I am very grateful that JALIN-SAHABAT workshop finally can be exhibited. A hundred of postcards from SD Tumbuh 3 students have been sent to the Governor of Yogyakarta in order to celebrate the 261th anniversary of Yogyakarta. Although in the end the 100 postcards with children’s greetings, prayers, criticisms, and hopes for the future of Yogyakarta have not been reply yet, but the spirit and the wishes are still written and delivered properly.

Right at the end of September to early October, JALIN-SAHAHAT # 3 Workshop was held in collaboration with SD Tumbuh 3 located at nDalem Mangkubumen KTIII / 264, Ngasem, Kraton, Yogyakarta. We also invited 4 artists as fascilitators of postcard designing with various techniques. They were: Ultramen, Viki Restina Bela, Niniek Febriany, Gilang Nuari. However, due to the large number of workshop participants, our classes are divided into 4 categories: Preparatory (TK), Lower Grade (SD 1-2), Middle Grade (Primary grade 3-4), and Upper Grade (elementary grade 5-6). And then representatives from participants of this workshop were invited to Yogyakarta Central Post Office, to be facilitated in a brief workshop on postal introduction and to deliver their own handmade postcards. In addition, PT Pos created special stamps with photos of these students for their postcards. This new service that was provided by PT Pos called Prism Stamp. It was a great fun for kids and parents to make an official postal stamp with pictures of themselves.

The objective of the Workshop JALIN-SAHABAT # 3 is to connect children’s communication through the postcard delivery method.

JALIN-SAHABAT workshop was initiated by Anang Saptoto from Minimi Studio, and fully supported by PT. Pos Indonesia. For the implementation of the 3rd time was held with the extraordinary cooperation of Tumbuh 3 Primary School (Mrs. Widy and the entire school teams: Bu Utami, Mrs. Wenny, Mr. Febry, and other parents from Parents Committee SD Tumbuh 3). I would like to say thank you also to Via-Via Cafe for giving the opportunity to organize the exhibition according to the plan.

We hope JALIN-SAHABAT workshop can broaden children’s communication either in Indonesia and outside the country.

Warm regards,
Anang Saptoto
SD Tumbuh 3
PT. Pos Indonesia