National Curriculum (Tumbuh Primary School 3)

A. Curriculum

Tumbuh Primary School 3 develops the National Curriculum that is school-based curriculum with enrichment on the content of learning materials that adjusted to the needs of children and the context of school, family, culture, and the world.

1. National curriculum :

  • Preparatory – Grade 5 : Kurikulum 2013
  • Grade 6 : KTSP 2006

2. Subjects :

  • National subjects : Bahasa Indonesia, Social Studies, Civics, Religion, Physical education
  • Local subjects : Javanese culture, Traditional art
  • Self Development subjects : ICT, Self Protection Education, English Literacy, Literasi

B. Learning support programs :

  1. Monday Assembly:  children gathered together in every Monday morning at 07.30 – 8.00 to take part in activities including singing Indonesian Raya songs, honoring flags, reading Pancasila and studying a specific topic that is contextual.
  2. Classtrip: visits to places that can be a source of learning for children.
  3. Resource person: invite people with specific knowledge and skills to be a source of learning for children, e.g painters, journalists, farmers, and others.
  4. Ipad learning program : learning activity uses computer tablet (Ipad) as media to support students in learning.
  5. Children’s market : children learn entrepreneurship by selling their own work or product.
  6. Multiage activity: joining higher or lower classes to develop peer-tutoring skills, cooperation, language, and more.
  7. Multicultural education : school program that embraces multicultural values.
  8. Library visit: visit to the library to do book browsing activities, project using i-pad, make reviews or other tasks. 
  9. Anti bullying education : school program that educate children how to prevent bullying and respond effectively.
  10. Parents participation: parents teach in the classroom at the end of the semester in accordance with their areas of expertise.
  11. Family books collection: children take turns carrying a collection of books from home in order to share and become a reading material for other children.
  12. Swimming: swimming activities performed during sports lesson once a month.