Tumbuh Primary School 3


Tumbuh Primary School (SD Tumbuh 3) was started in 2012 as the 4th school of Sekolah Tumbuh by Yayasan Edukasi Anak Nusantara. The school is located in nDalem Mangkubumen KTIII/264, Ngasem, Yogyakarta.

With our tagline “Cultivating global minds, embracing local wisdom”, we want to bring all community members from different cultures, religions, family background to become the global citizens of the future. Meanwhile, we want the community members understand and respect the local wisdom, so they have strong knowledge about their culture and of course have a strong nationalism.

As an inclusive school, we ensure that our school is supportive and engaging places for all school community members. It builds communities that value, celebrate and respond to diversity.

Taught 70% in English, we also want the children understand and express Bahasa Indonesia in a correct way and also recognize Javanese Culture well. Being able to understand and speak English is valuable since they can get wider information and able to communicate in a language that is universally understood around the world.




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“Cultivating global minds, embracing local wisdom”

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